The policy defines the personal information that this website collects, why we collect it and how we protect it.

About This Website

The website is hosted by Heart Internet under a shared hosting package contract. This means that the website software runs on shared Heart Internet owned servers, which are accessed via our individual domain and is stored on a separate partition of the hard drive space. A major advantage of this arrangement is that Heart Internet takes responsibility for maintenance, repair and updating tasks and for the security of the website data. The servers are contained within state-of-the-art data centres that are protected by a number of security measures including CCTV and staffed by expert technicians who monitor the servers 24/7.

The website is built using the widely-used, open-source software package, WordPress. This (together with the website “theme” software and any associated plugins) is updated on a regular basis to maintain protection against new security threats. For additional security, the website software is regularly backed up using a premium plugin and stored in a personal Dropbox account.

How We Store and Use Your Personal Information

This site uses software plugins to track user visits and determine the number of people accessing our site, which pages are most popular and how the number of visits varies over time. None of the collected data personally identifies you. Use may be made of cookies to log which pages you visit but this can be disabled within your internet browser.

An online calendar operated by Hallmaster is used for the booking of events in the Community Area. This includes the storage of customer contact details. Hallmaster has its own Privacy Policy that can be viewed on its website and describes how personal contact details that it holds are protected.

Data Breaches

 We will report any loss of personal information to all relevant parties within 72 hours.

Data Removal

 If you wish your personal information to be deleted, please send a request to the Webmaster at